Dopod replacement ROM Release 5!

As a mainly bugfix release to fix the missing Calculator on Release 4, you can now download Release 5.

On the radar is a version of Windows Mobile 6.1 with a number of improvements/changes over Windows Mobile 6.0 - however at the moment there still one or two issues that stop me from releasing it. If you really wish to beta test it, contact me via email.

Dopod Replacement ROM Release 4

I've put together another update for my replacement ROM for the Dopod 838 Pro and compatible line of phones. Release 4 contains the following changes:

  • Mapped button 5 press to voice dial.
  • Added voice dialling to Appbuttons.
  • Added fix for scrolling slowness in Pocket IE.
  • Changed keyboard skin to match theme.
  • Unbundled OS ROM from Radio ROM due to popular request. You can now choose your own radio version.

You can get the updated ROM and view the full details of the release here.

Google Ads - are they worth it?

After having the Google Adsense scheme on this site for a couple of months now, I really have to ask myself - is it worth it. After looking at the stats of the site, I have displayed over 10,000 ads to people visiting, and earned about $25USD from 83 clicks.That works out to be a less than 1% success rate for advertisers. This also means that I don't get enough out of it to even cover my expenses in putting up this web site!I've decided to try something different. You will now notice a PayPal donate icon on the sidebar. If you find something useful on my site, feel free to send something through - anything. This will help me offset costs to keep this (and other) sites running.

Replacement ROM for Dopod 838 Pro

So after quite a while of hacking Windows Mobile 6 for the Dopod 838 Pro (aka HTC Hermes), I have hacked together a replacement firmware for the phone. There are a number of improvements in this ROM from the stock HTC Dopod 838 Pro firmware. I've put this all on a single page that will be updated as I continue with this project.

Visit the page

Website goes mobile friendly!

After a bit of mucking around, I've finally got the website to load properly in mobile devices. This means that if you now access my site using a PDA or mobile phone with a web browser, you get a very stripped down version of the site. Of course, if you're using a standard PC, you won't notice any change, but mobile users will see the site load in about 3Kb of data.

Great visual landing to runway 34 at YMML

I was recently on a flight coming back from Brisbane to Melbourne when we had to hold about 80 miles to the north-west of Melbourne due to weather. The approach was very rough due to large gusts of wind across the approach, and also as a headwind. This made things rather difficult, however the landing was just about perfect.

Here's some video from the landing.

Dopod returns from repair!

After kicking up a bit of a stink with Dopod and Phonetec, I managed to get my phone back and repaired on the 13th December. 1 month after it was sent in for a warranty claim. It certainly is working much better in the battery life department. Using the application BatteryStatus, it shows that the phone is now drawing 81mA at idle with the backlight on instead of the 185mA it was consuming before. This means I get over double the battery life!This makes me a much happier person :) 

Dopod 838Pro still being repaired.

25 days after my Dopod 838 Pro arrived at the Phonetec service centre, I'm still waiting for it back. It looks like it they have replaced every circuit board in the unit, and now they're replacing the LCD screen as well. They say that they probably won't get the parts for another 10 working days - so I'm tipping that I won't get the phone back until the beginning of January. At this point, this is the longest warranty repair I've ever had to wait for - If I don't get it until January, then I will have been waiting nearly 1 1/2 months. Great service cough.