Dec 312007

So after quite a while of hacking Windows Mobile 6 for the Dopod 838 Pro (aka HTC Hermes), I have hacked together a replacement firmware for the phone. There are a number of improvements in this ROM from the stock HTC Dopod 838 Pro firmware. I’ve put this all on a single page that will be updated as I continue with this project.

Visit the page

  6 Responses to “Replacement ROM for Dopod 838 Pro”

  1. Can I restore the dopod original ROM copy after I use this version?

  2. You can. Just download a copy from the HTC/Dopod web site and run their installer to flash your phone back to the default configuration if you desire to.

  3. Hi Steve, this is a great peice of work. I successfully flashed a faulty 838 pro last night but now when I go to install it on my primary device it hangs on the loading screen between the boot loader and the image copy. This is when using Safe SPL. If i use SPL 2.xx then it starts copying to about 2% then stops and says the image is corrupt. Do you have any suggesstions? I have tries redownloading as well as different PCS

  4. I believe this is something to do with the radio ROM. Try updating it to 1.43.10 or higher and see if you still have the same issue.

  5. hi steven, i have the same problem as Cameron W. It keep saying connect the usb. i have it properly connected. the pc can sees the device before upgrade. my Radio version is any suggestion? cheers 🙂

  6. A generic problem list of all kinds of things is a great place to start when having issues updating ROMs.

    For most devices, you should install HardSPL v7, and you should already have unlocked your phone.

    NOTE: You should always unlock your phone before installing HardSPL. This will ensure that you have less problems later on.

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