New Delta safety announcement

It's always a bit of a bore to sit through the "safety lecture" in every flight you go on, however it has started to bring on a whole new meaning as I'm doing my pilot training. Having to memorise the passenger briefing and others word for word and recite it on every single flight makes things quite challenging.

Delta Airlines have made things a little bit simpler with a new video to be displayed on all their flights. I personally think it's presentation is a lot nicer than watching the cabin crew half way down the aircraft!

Flying update.

Well, after 2 weeks of theory, I managed to get a couple of flights in. It was great to get back into the pilots seat after 5 years - although I found that my skills were a little rusty. This has pretty much gone now - as I have become used to controlling the aircraft again and am able to pull of most manoeuvres without much difficulty. Todays flight was great. We did practice forced landings (PFLs), stalls, and advanced stalls - leading to incipient spins. It was quite good to see all that happen in 1.4 hours!

On the down side, we got our..... wedge of paperwork to study.

Yay me. :)

T-Minus 1 hour 26 minutes and counting!

Well, my aviation course starts in 1 hour, 26 minutes. I don't know which is the overwhelming feeling - excitement, nervousness, or scared. It's been 5 years since I've been at the controls of an aircraft, and I've been trying to remember as much as possible. It'll be interesting to see how much I remember.

Wish me luck :)

Vista Service Pack 1 released to RTM

Looks like the word is that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been finalised by Microsoft and it's group of beta testers. Preliminary reports seem to show that (as usual), the service pack has been leaked to numerous online web sites, however it will probably appear on the Microsoft web site fairly soon (within a couple of weeks).

It is unknown as yet if this will be a forced download via Windows Update for the existing Windows Vista users.