Soundwear SD10 review

For a while, I've been looking for a good bluetooth headset that I can also use to take calls on. I came across these Soundwear SD10 headset while browsing the MobileZap web site - after I got the iPad case from them.

I specifically wanted something more like a headphones than an in-ear or single earpiece device that happens to play music. I had quite high expectations of these headphones, but the results were rather mixed.

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As headphones, these are very good for the price. I managed to pair them with my Samsung Galaxy S2 without an issue and was streaming music to them in under a minute. The audio quality is much better than I expected - not perfect, but again, for the price, very good. It took me a little longer to get these to pair with my laptop - however after a few days of tinkering, I could stream audio via the A2DP profile from my laptop to the headset. This made watching movies or listening to much better while other people in the house are trying to sleep! :)

The one thing I couldn't get working properly - no matter what I tried - is the phone headset side of things. I managed to hear the audio of the other person on the headset, but they couldn't hear me. Nothing I did seem to make much difference. I did manage to get the audio barely audible by placing my hand over my mouth and directing my voice into the microphone of the headset - but I was told that the audio was still very faint - like I was shouting at my phone from the other side of the room.

The audio that I could hear however was perfect in quality.

I'm not sure if the headset I received has a fault, or if the fault is in the design of the headset - or maybe even a compatibility issue - and searching the web seems to bring up very little discussion on this topic - so maybe its just me!

Either way, they are decent enough to use as a pair of headphones and incredibly handy, comfortable and wearable - so I'll be happy to keep them just for that purpose - and continue my quest for a headphone / headset combo.


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