Jun 212009

Premium Account holders can now access a new beta version of DeviceUpdate. Changes include:

Version – 13 June 2009

  • Added detection of screen size as a backup to known device IDs.
  • Changed logic for getting Device Model to hopefully be more precice with less variation.
  • What this now means is that we should VERY rarely show the well known “Unsupported Device” message to people as we now use the following methods:

    1. Look for a known hardware ID to get the type of device.
    2. If method #1 fails, we get the screen size and show a list of applications for that screen size.
    3. If both #1 and #2 fails, panic 😉

    You can get the new beta version here.

    Oh, and DeviceUpdate has now served over 530,000 applications in over 260,000 sessions!

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