Release 13.4 of Dopod 838 Pro ROM released.

Release 13.4 is now available of my replacement ROMs for Dopod 838 Pro and compatibly phones. Changes include:
* Fully integrated DeviceUpdate and DU’s AutoInstall feature into the ROM.
* Removed package ‘protection’ to allow other chefs to pull apart my ROMs for their own purposes.
* Removed ClearVue PDF Viewer from normal build due to problems with some PDFs. Install Adobe PDF reader via DeviceUpdate if you need a PDF reader.

As always, it’s available for download here.


    • Joel on July 14, 2009 at 2:03 pm
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    Hi Steve,

    I am so grateful for your ROM. It solved a huge problem I was having where my Dopod 838pro couldn’t handle activesyncing to my outlook 2002 calendar. BUT I have this strange new problem now I’ve never had before which is that the Today screen is telling me I’ve got 3 new text messages, but I can’t see them when I go to the texts inbox. They just don’t seem to be appearing anywhere in messaging. Can you help? I’m pretty desperate about it, as they are important texts… i put on the ’stable’ ‘normal’ replacement ROM
    Thanks a lot, Joel

    1. Hi Joel,

      I haven’t seen this happen before. Try restarting the phone (if you haven’t already), then launching Messaging again on the phone. Tap the folders list and see if any folders are bold or have any unread messages. Hopefully they should be in there!

    • Peter Triglone on February 9, 2010 at 6:09 am
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    Have been trying to flash rom but your install says spl 1.11 needed – I have 2.10 olipro installed – install fails and gets 230 error.

    Do I need spl 1.11 for this to work and if so can you point me in the direction of a copy – links on your related links are dead, and don’t lead to 1.11?

    thanks Peter

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