Ontrak ADU support heads for the mainstream kernel.

Version 0.0.13 of the adutux module has been accepted into the gregkh stream of the linux kernel. This means, starting at kernel version 2.6.19, you should see the option to add the adutux module by default in the main linux kernel. This also means that some distros will straight away have support for Ontrak ADU USB devices. I'd like to thank Greg K-H for all of his help on this one - as there were a lot of changes required that I didn't know how to do that were fixed by him - as well as making sure the module worked with PPC architecture (I'm a hacker, not a coder:)) The patch will show up here (called usb-adutux-driver.patch) in the next few days, and should be in the mainstream kernel by version 2.6.19. Thanks Greg!


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