MWRP progress - back from the dead.

I decided to start doing some long overdue work on MWRP today. For those that don't know, MWRP (Short for Melbourne Wireless Router Project) is a package I started writing a while ago to act as a captive portal on a wireless access point. What happens is that someone associates with your access point, it won't let them onto the net unless they authenticate (or you've specifically let them). This allows us to offer free internet access to Melbourne Wireless members (using the Melbourne Wireless server as an authenticaion back end). So after re-writing the authentication backend twice, and hammering out in the low to mid double digits worth of bugs, it's all available for everyone to consume :). You can grab the code from the webcvs, or the package or the source code from the web site. More information on what I've just said above is on the Melbourne Wireless wiki page. And of course there's the instructions. Oh, and It looks like a german wireless group have extended on some of what MWRP does and tailored it for their group. Good stuff guys! and thanks for the credit :)


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