Marware CEO Hybrid iPad cover

So one thing that annoys me about iPad covers is that I manage to go through heaps of them. I've had my iPad2 for a while - but in that same time I've gone through 3 different covers. I've tried ones made out of the wetsuit type material, rubber, and plastic - and all have had the same flaws.

1) The seams are usually stitch / glue and start splitting within a few months of general usage. 2) The fit on the iPad is usually slack and allows the iPad to move around inside the case.

After lots of comparison of cases, I was about to give up and not bother with any cover at all - when I came across the Marware CEO Hybrid cover. It's made of carbon fibre and is built to fit the iPad 2 / 3 / 4.

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I picked one up from MobileZap after browsing the available cases. Delivery was fast - Ordered on Friday, was at my doorstep on Monday!

Interestingly, the first thing I noticed was how solid the case is. The majority of cases I have tried so far have been a bit of plastic encased in whatever material was used - but this thing is SOLID. It was also satisfying to hear a solid "CLICK" as the case clipped around the iPad - something I had never seen with other cases.

The seems in the case seem to be stitched together well with no sign of glue like in the cheaper cases. Looking at the construction, I don't believe these will split in a month like every other case I've tried.

There is one down side I see so far - that is that the clips that hold the iPad cover closed are quite difficult to open / close. I inspected them quite closely - and I think at the moment this is only happening because the case is brand new - I have a feeling that these will loosen a little as it gets used making it much easier to open and close. The same goes for the clips that need to be undone to use the case as a stand.

All in all, I'm very happy with this case. It certainly eclipses the others I have tried for build quality, presentation and functionality.


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