Stable Release 13.0 now available!

After a few months of work, here comes Stable Release 13!

The change log is as follows:
Release 13.0 (02 Sept 2008):
* NEW: Naked build now available.
* NEW: Naked Big Storage build now available.
* NEW: Device Update – keeps your device up to date with apps and things.
* Removed all but default theme. Install more via Device Update
* Fixed blgloss theme issues (thanks to augrunt)
* Few minor graphical tweaks
* Tweaked file cache, glyph cache etc for hopefully a bit more performance.
* Fixed issue with non-advanced mode in ActiveSync
* Cooked in .Net Framework 3.5 into all builds
* Fixed start menu problems (thanks abusalza)
* Fixed multi-selection of messages in tmail.exe (Email Application)
* Fixed the disappearing act with the taskbar and HTC X Button
* Removed SQM
* Added IrDA stack
* Found errror in coredll.dll that stopped Windows Live Search from working correctly.
* Re-ported XIP from Kaiser to correct corruption in coredll.dll and possibly others
* Windows Live Search tested ok.
* Removed useless Zip Viewer from Office CAB
* Defaulted OBEX transfers to ON (previously this was OFF)
* Removed Bluetooth FTP Client (Who really uses this? )
* Repack Office 2007 to hopefully fix some issues.
* Reduce X-Button auto-close threshold to 2Mb free RAM (Thanks hardcore)
* Ported Windows Mobile 6.1 build 20270
* Ported XIP build 20270 from Kaiser

Grab it now and happy flashing!

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