Mar 102008

I’ve put up Release 9 of my Dopod 838 Pro replacement ROM. Initial reports look good with no currently known issues. You can grab it here.

  7 Responses to “Release 9 of Dopod ROM available.”

  1. Hi, will this “fix” it so my Dopod 838 Pro will connect to the “Next G” Network ?

  2. This really depends on what you mean by “fix”.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I dont think I have ever experienced anything as frustrating as this.

    Here is the short of it

    I have a Dopod 838 Pro.

    It would’nt work on a the Next G despite being told by the guy I bought it off that it would, and so I flashed the ROM with Telstra Black 2.5.

    That didnt seem to do anything, so I flashed it with a ROM from xda-developers.

    Still no luck so having read a lot of techo talk I am no closer to getting this to work on the Next G network.

    Any suggestions as to ROM’s, radio keys, cabs and anything else would be greatly appreciated.



  4. I have also tried to change the band setting and it comes up with an error saying cannot change it. (GSM (1900 850) umts(1900 850)

  5. Hi Steve,

    Are you online tonight ?

  6. will this update work for the asian telcos or specific for australian networks?

  7. You should be able to use it on any phone. You may have to manually set up connections for telcos not listed in the Network Wizard.

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