Sep 032008

After sitting the CASA CyberExam today, I must say that from clicking the “Submit Exam” button to the moment my result appeared seemed like an eternity. That being said, after a sleepless night of worrying and thinking that I hadn’t studied enough and being very nervous about what I was about to do, I managed to pass with a mark of 83% 🙂 2 CPL exams down, 5 to go – Next up, Meteorology.

  3 Responses to “CPL AGK exam passed.”

  1. Congratulations…I just passed my FAA written exam (93%). Here (in the US) they only give one comprehensive written exam…that makes it quite hairy.

    I’m looking forward to your next Hermes ROM release…good work and clear skies.

  2. Coool! Congrats ! You did’nt study & scored 83 %! That’s awesome !

  3. I just got 83% today in this exam also. Same feeling from submit to result too. Though I failed since I had 15 questions I wasnt to certain on after first look through

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