Jul 042005

I got my cable going 🙂 – One interesting thing that I did find however is that the PRM8030 radios really don’t like being hooked together with modem boards installed! Radios would key up without any activity, and just stay transmitting a carrier until the cross band cable was removed. I did some mods to the cable to allow LEDs to show which radio is transmitting, as well as a switch to enable/disable the cross band mode. After a bit of trial and error, this now works! I also had to install a relay to stop the mic audio being cut out even when the cross band was off!

On the wireless front, I will be doing a presentation on OpenWRT running on Linksys WRT54GS hardware at the next Melbourne Wireless meeting. Showing off a captive portal I have made which authenticates valid financial members of the group, and then allows them to use the internet connection free of charge. Nifty! There will also be a presentation on OSPF routing and a demo of this working via wifi at the meeting.

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