Apr 202006

For a while now I’ve been hanging on to a working version of pcrd – the linux control program for Icom PCR-1000 scanners. This version will compile with the latest gcc based distributions and work on all known Linux distros. You can find it here. It seems to work well here – the only issue I encounter is sometimes getting the unit to turn on – however after that, it tunes fine for as long as it’s turned on.

If you do notice any problems with pcrd, feel free to let me know – I’ll see what I can do about them. I want to add DSP support, but I don’t have the needed details to do this as yet, so it’s on the todo list.

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  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for updating this code. In case anyone else bumps into the same issue I’ve been chasing all night I thought I’d drop you a note. The options to the volume and squelch are indeed hex values, but **MUST** be two digits in length. I use a “-s 1” parameter and then spent much of the evening trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. It of course wants to see something more like “-s 01”.


  2. Hello, I am looking for a PHP script as mentioned in the initial article. I would like to remotely control my radios via this script and pcrd. Any help would be much appreciated.



  3. This program is great, and I too have made a web/php interface to control the receiver. I like the fact that it is a console program, making it very versitile.

    It would be good if it could somehow show the signal strength, say to a maximum sized rolling log so it too could be used, but not a big issue. Even just to return the strength once tuned, so one could script a spectrum analyser/scanner.

    Great work 🙂

  4. I have a PCR-100 and I am just getting started in PHP/MySQL (I’m 1/2 through the “Dummies” Book). I am no real whiz on Linux either.

    I am very interested in a copy of the PHP scripts so I can see how the web interface marries up to pcrd.

    If anyone has one they rolled themselves ( or if you wouldn’t mind sharing yours Steve ), my e-mail is good on QRZ.

    Thanks for the help
    Phil / w2lie

  5. Great! Thank you for the help.

  6. Steven,

    Do you have the perl scripts available? The php would be fine, too.


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