The frustrations of mistakes.

Today has been a challenging one. I went about creating a cross-band repeater cable for my radios in the car, so I can use a portable to access repeaters that I would only be able to get from the car. All was going well, and the circuit is built, when I plug it into one radio, then go to plug it into the other and realise that the plug gender is different. Oh. Pull the radio apart, and the cable looks stock. Pull the radio that I checked the plug on, and sure enough, it's different to all the others :( It looks like this one radio has had custom equipment wired up to it at one point, probably some kind of external display, or maybe a panic circuit or some such - as the cable has been modified quite a bit. So, I now have a working cross band repeater cable - with the wrong gender plugs - and just after DSE has closed :| Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? :)


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