Roll in the Widgets

Having updated to Tiger on both my Apples here, I have to say that the collection of widgets available is just huge. They can do anything from look up a phone number, monitor web cams, or even post to my blog :). It’s the ultimate in organising little tools for various jobs. I currently have 3 clocks for different time zones around the world, the current weather, an app to monitor for available WiFi access, unit converter, Australian Yellow Pages directory, a Wikipedia look up tool, a live camera view of Sydney Harbour bridge, and the widget I’m using to write this post!

I have to say that these widgets are very useful indeed.

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    • liam taylor on June 20, 2006 at 11:35 am
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    i hit my superdrive problems with my 17″ 1.5 ghz powerbook around 10.3.8 and my move to 10.4

    (i cant rember it was a long time agou but i may have movet to 10.4 to try to get rid of the dvd problem with no luck still 2x not 4x)

    is there eney way to find a list of Firmware revisons to see if mine has chanjed from when i orjnaly receved my laptop?

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