Feb 282016

Just wanted to write a quick note to explain why the current nightlies aren’t working.

The openwrt servers had an outage recently. As of now, svn.openwrt.org, downloads.openwrt.org and I think lists.openwrt.org are still down.

As the nightly builds feed from svn.openwrt.org, the builds won’t start again until svn.openwrt.org is restored. If you’ve just flashed an image, chances are that you can’t install things like luci at the moment – as those are stored on downloads.openwrt.org.

All in all, when things are back in working order, things should just magically start working again.

  7 Responses to “N600 & N750 nightlies not getting built”

  1. do you provide checksums?

    • No, I haven’t enabled this yet.

      Right now, I’ve just reconfigured the build process to use git instead of SVN, but be able to make the same output format as previously used – ie build by revision number and get changelogs between builds. I’ll put checksums on the todo list.

  2. Thanks for the great blog! I noticed the patches directory is empty. What modifications are you laying on top of openwrt still. I would hope there were in trunk after this long while.

    • Correct, there are no custom patches these days unless something gets broken in the git and I get them fixed before they end up in the git again.

      In the past, this has included a broken bootloader, and a few others – but as of right now – as you see, its empty – but it builds nightly.

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