Basic implementation of StartAPI

As I've been using StartSSL for a long time to secure everything from SMTP / IMAP to this web site, I've gathered quite a few certificates. The scene has changed quite a bit these days with Lets Encrypt becoming available with free certs (but limited to 30 days).

StartAPI was introduced by StartSSL to do a lot of the same features, but gives you a 1 year certificate that you are able to manually place wherever you like. No custom software, no daemons etc. In my mind, this is what Lets Encrypt should have been.

I've created a few tools to assist in validating domains, and then retrieving certificates and am looking for people to help me test them before I release them to the general public.

If you already use StartSSL, I'd be happy to hear from you and get you to test what I've built up.

EDIT: After having a few people test it out and things work successfully, I've written some basic documentation and made it available on GitHub for testing / contribution.


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