Touch Pro 2 updates

As an update to a few previous posts, I decided to give HTC some credit where it is due.

HTC organised Fedex to come and pick up my Touch Pro 2 (after some confusion about the actual pickup date) and ship it off to HTC Singapore. While I was still annoyed that it had to travel to Singapore, the fact that HTC was going to pick up the tab for shipping - as well as sending it international priority (26 hours doorstep to doorstep!) made up for it.

I was expecting that my phone would be out of action until 2011 - however to my surprise, less than a week later I had a delivery from Fedex with my repaired Touch Pro 2. Later that day I even got a phone call from HTC to confirm that I had received it! Most of the issues seem to be fixed - some weren't but are minor enough to ignore.

I have to say thank you to Francis from the HTC Australia call centre (I think he is in the Philippines?) for organising a lot of this. If this level of service was standard from HTC then I would have been singing their praises instead of almost converting to an iPhone guy.


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