Google and the Australia Tax

Google have released a new wave of the Google Nexus devices. These devices all run Android and are not locked or limited in any way - paving a new path against carrier lockdown and interference. Their motto, "Openness at all costs" (Slashdot discussion)

Interestingly, these articles show:

Nexus 4 - $349 (16Gb) Nexus 7 - $199 (16Gb) Nexus 10 - $399 (16Gb)

Now, these prices are all in the US, so they're in $USD.

Imagine my surprise when I check the Google Play Store where they sell the devices only to find: Nexus 4 - $349 (8Gb) Nexus 4 - $399 (16Gb) Nexus 7 - $249 (16Gb) Nexus 7 - $299 (32Gb) Nexus 10 - $469 (16Gb) Nexus 10 - $569 (32Gb)

This means the 'Australia Tax' on the 16Gb Nexus 4 is $50AUD, The Nexus 7 is $50AUD, The Nexus 10 is $70AUD.

So, what I would love to see is that if the motto really is 'Openness at any cost', why are Australians being stung so much more per unit than in the US? It certainly can't be shipping costs!


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