More on the ongoing HTC drama

I’ve still been talking to HTC regarding my faulty Touch Pro 2. I even managed to get the case escalated to someone who says they do this all the time. He has agreed that HTC should cover the postage costs as per the Warranty Statement in my previous post and that he’d get back to me with more details within 24 hours. Sadly, this timeframe expired yesterday.

He did however inform me that the repairs may take up to 4 weeks plus shipping. I objected to that as this would mean that the phone has been off under warranty repair for 8 weeks in its lifetime. Apparently this has been raised with HTC management – I’ll wait and see what that actually means!

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    • Simon Templar on December 8, 2010 at 8:10 pm
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    That’s pathetic service, sounds like it is time for them to bite the bullet and just replace the whole thing on the spot.

    My Google Nexus One died on the weekend, apparently the on/off switch fails in them, I’ve ordered a replacement module on eBay to fix it. No Warranty on my grey import, but that’s the risk you take.

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