Nov 062012

This fixes the ext4 journal corruption bug as well as a few other issues.

* Sun Nov 11 2012 Steven Haigh
– Update to kernel 3.6.6
– Notable fixes in this kernel version:
ext4: fix unjournaled inode bitmap modification
blkcg: Fix use-after-free of q->root_blkg and q->root_rl.blkg
md/raid1: Fix assembling of arrays containing Replacements.

Full 3.6.6 changelog:

They’re building now. It should hit the mirrors after some quick testing.

In future, release notifications will be only posted to the mailing list.

  3 Responses to “kernel-xen-3.6.6-1 coming soon.”

  1. Do you have any ETA for this update ? Thanks for all your work, your are lighting the path to go…

  2. Hi,
    Is it possibly to enable OPENVSWITCH support as a module ? Lack of this module require me to rebuild kernel from src.rpm.

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