The problem with todays media.

Normally I wouldn't whinge about the media, but one thing has really got up my nose over the past few days. This story by has got to be the most pathetic attempt at making something big - ever. Firstly, I'm not saying what Lauren had done to her is right - my points here are based on the media coverage alone. Firstly, this has been headline material for over 5 days. Why? Because she is a pretty, white, blonde girl. This would quickly disappear if this was not the case. Secondly, the reporting is just utter crap. In one day, the story changed from "Lauren had been sexually assaulted...." to "Police are investigating possible sexual assault..." to "... Police simply didn't know whether Lauren, 18, had been sexually assaulted".

Now, looking at the above, it's a whole different story between has, may have, and don't know. It's one thing to report the facts, it's another to continue with this drivel and speculation based on nothing but guesswork. To borrow a line from Darryn, Shame Shame Shame.


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