Telstra prepaid mobile broadband

Its strange, I always thought that companies had their fingers on the pulse when it comes to internet connections. How surprised I was to find out recently how far off the ball Telstra is in some of their pricing.

I'm currently in Tasmania - which Telstra has a big advantage over the Optus network in coverage. To the point where I've only had odd spots of coverage with my Virgin Mobile device over the last two weeks. I went to the local Post Office and purchased one of the Telstra $99 Prepaid Mobile Broadband devices that came with a bundled 5Gb of data.

It does the job well - its quite snappy and 5Gb is more than enough for the couple of weeks we're over here. The shock I did get is when I looked at the pricings for recharging the device. It seems Telstra class these devices in a world of their own - most of the time it is over 4 times more expensive to top up a mobile broadband plan than a similar iPad plan.

Do what do they offer? Look at this:

Mobile Broadband
1GB (30 days)
250MB (21 days)
3GB (30 days)
700MB (30 days)
1GB (30 days)
3GB (30 days)
6GB (30 days)
9GB (30 days)
4GB (60 days)
12GB (30 days)
6GB (90 days)
12GB (365 days)
12GB (365 days)

Yes, you saw it right. $30 will get you 3Gb of data on an iPad plan, but a tiny 700Mb on a mobile broadband device. To add insult to injury, it doesn't seem like Telstra have reviewed their pricing for well over a year.

Interestingly, it seems most of Telstra's competition are offering mobile broadband plans on almost the same rates as the Telstra iPad plans. I wonder why Telstra do not merge their MBB and iPad plans? Do they really get that much of a kickback from Apple to make these extreme differences in pricing feasible?


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