Jul 142008

Release 11.1 (14 Jul 2008):
* Renumbered from Release 12.1
* Removed useless Zip Viewer from Office CAB
* Updated Modaco NoData
* Defaulted OBEX transfers to ON (previously this was OFF)
* Removed Bluetooth FTP Client (Who really uses this? )
* Repack Office 2007 to hopefully fix some issues.
* Reduce X-Button auto-close threshold to 2Mb free RAM (Thanks hardcore)
* Revert to older Bluetooth stack for testing.
* A little tribute.

Enjoy 🙂

  2 Responses to “Dopod ROM Release 11.1 available.”

  1. Steve,

    Your work is fantastic. Keep the cooking running.

  2. Steve pwnzorz.!

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