Release 10.7 of the Dopod Replacement Rom is out

Release 10.5 (15 Jun 2008): * Update to CE 5.2.19588 (Build 19212). * Obtained Build 19212 via a direct port from Kaiser WM6.1 release. * Update Connection Wizard to v1.5.34057.2 * Removed SQM (Thanks no2chem!) * Fixed IPSec VPN connections * Fixed domain enrollment * Cleaned up Office 2007 install to remove some junk

Instead of being a latest and greatest, this release is a test of stability for what will become stable build 9.3 if there are no major issues found.

Build 19212 was ported freshly from Dopod (HTCs) WM6.1 WWE release for Kaiser. This means that it's been unaltered by anyone but me - meaning I truely have a stable build environment!

Domain Enrollment and IPSec VPNs have been fixed for those in the corporate environment, and remote administration etc will work correctly when enrolled into a domain.

As usual, all feedback is appreciated - as this is mainly a bugfix release and test before this becomes stable r9.3...

Update: A few bugfixes later (Camera bug and missing IRDA stack) and Release 10.7 is out. You can grab it from the same page.

Update again: Another minor cosmetic change later, and 10.8 is out on the same page :)


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