Jun 122008

This is a great day for Australian Internet users. As previously reported on this site, eBay has been trying to force Australian users to use PayPal or Cash on Delevery (CoD) for all transactions completed on eBay. The ACCC has released a Draft Notice regarding eBays application for exemption of the Trade Practices Act.

In a nutshell, the ACCC says “No. No excemption for you!”.

In the final findings, the ACCC says:
For the reasons identified above the ACCC considers that the notified conduct has the
purpose, effect or likely effect of substantially lessening competition and the benefits
do not outweigh the detriments.
Accordingly, the ACCC proposes to issue a notice to revoke notification N93365
lodged by eBay International A.G. on 11 April 2008.

As this means it would be illegal to force users to use Paypal for all eBay transactions, it is safe to say that eBay will now be re-thinking it’s position on this for the rest of the world.

The following documents are available from the ACCC:
Draft Notice
Letter to eBay regarding decision

  3 Responses to “eBay denied permission to force PayPal usage”

  1. This is great news for everyone, finally eBay has been challenged and put back in their place! PayPal has it’s place as an option and not forced on us.

  2. Way to Go!

    I was really concerned how this move was going to affect my business as a Trading Assistant – it’s great that the right decision (in my opinion) has been made and the consumer given the options of alternative payment.

    PayPal is great, but shouldn’t be shoved down our necks!

  3. It’s obvious we do not live in a perfect world. It never was and it never will be. There will always be the honest majority and the ones that are not. We also have laws in the land that punish the ones that steal from others without punishing the honest that do no wrong.

    With regards to the EBAY COMMUNITY, the vast majority of sellers and buyers have always been honest, while the smaller portion of dishonest sellers have been either thrown off Ebay while the dishonest buyers have caused a great financial loss to the sellers with their fraud, damage of merchandise , paypal chargebacks, causing uncalled for locked out paypal accounts, overdrafts , Ebay Suspensions, financial stress and much more causing good honest sellers to leave Ebay Community do to NO FAULT of their own other than agreeing to allowing the 180 reverse charge option which destoyed their Ebay business.

    In the past, Honest Ebay Sellers had the option of selecting a safe form of payment for their value of merchandise exchanged which was really the American Way. They could select the form of payment that they were comfortable excepting which gave them GUARANTEED IMMEDIATE FUNDS with no future unpleasant suprises. Money that was relied upon for sellers and their families to: pay bills, raise a family,go on vacation,save for the future or just go out and buy something else e.t.a.l. That WAS truely the American Way and the Ebay Community offered this oppurtunity to the public. Perfect examples include: Postal Money Orders which are guaranteed immediate funds to the seller in exchange for immediate shipping to the buyer with no hold time for funds to become available. Another example would be a simple personal check that once it cleared the bank the item was then safe to ship with fund in hand. For Overseas and in the States there is always the safe bank transfer option. These options mentioned above are especially desirable for larger ticket items over $100.00 and up. Paypal and Credit Card payments are only desireable for speed and convenience with smaller ticket (LOWER RISK) items because the chargeback option on them are easily absorbable and not as likely several months down the road. Besides, The scammers won’t hit the sellers on the little transactions, only on the substantially larger big ticket items. Also in times like this where money is tighter ,people think twice about what they just bought,rescently bought that they realize that they either got their use out of it, desided they really didn’t need, money right now is more important than keeping it just to name a few examples. Given the temptation and opportunity to charge back an item for 6 months (180) days from purchase, unfortunately many good honest upfront sellers get stung on this example in the most unfair manner.

    NOT ANYMORE…..STOP……LOOK…..LISTEN………………………………….

    EBAY staff is now telling us sellers that we MUST OFFER THE OPTION FOR ALL BUYERS TO EXCHANGE OUR VALUED MERCHANDISE FOR a 6 MONTH BUYER OPTION ! YES You know what that means? No GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT WITHOUT REVERSED CHARGES FOR 180 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. This option gives the buyer all kinds of time for excuses as to why he or she doesn’t want the item anymore. On any large ticket item this could be disasterous results. NOW, WHERE DID AMERICAN WAY GO ?…GONE BYE BYE

    chargeback appears somewhere within the 180 days from
    purchase and the money is already by that time spent. IT’S
    ALL OVER and the EBAY/ PAYPAL system will have literally
    destroyed your’s and your families life with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Ebay’s track record has proven time and time again that they really don’t care whats in the best interest of the Ebay Seller’s . They feel that there will always be enough sellers and their additude is like the boss that tells you if you don’t like it you
    can leave and don”t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
    You’ve all heard the old saying, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”
    I get the feeling EBAY just modified that phrase to something like this. “IF IT AIN’T BROKEN , KEEP SMACKING IT ARROUND REAL GOOD SO YOU KNOW THAT IT TRUELY IS BROKEN THIS TIME “

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