May 172008

Hi all,

This release is exciting. It’s the ONLY ROM currently available from anyone (including HTC, I-Mate etc) that will measure battery levels in 1% increments. All stock ROMs measure battery levels in 10% increments – and because of this are REALLY annoying.

The full changelog for this release is:
Release 10.3 (16-May-2008):
* Rebased to WM Build 19213
* Updated battery DLL to show battery usage in 1% increments (Thanks cmonex!)
* Updated to Windows Live Messenger
* Freed up an extra 600Kb over release 10.2.
* Removed unneeded help files for applications not installed.

Make sure you grab your copy

  3 Responses to “Release 10.3 of Dopod Replacement ROM”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Nice work on the new ROM. I have been following your relase and really like your ROM. But somehow, i can’t seem to get it working with BBConnect which is absolutely essential for my work.

    Appreciate if you can shed some light on how to get it working with your ROM.


  2. Hrrrm – I’ve never actually used BBConnect. I’m just about to post release 9.2 – and release 10.4 has been put up on the ROM page… See if you have any issues with those…

  3. Hi Steve. Great that you’re aware that Release 10 hangs and fails to boot at times. Happened to me twice, and I had to reflash it whenever it happens. So far, the fail-to-boot happens after a hang.

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