Apple releases SuperDrive firmware update.

Multiple people have contacted me regarding Apple releasing a firmware update for superdrives on the affected machines. Here are the links to the Mac Daily News article and the official Apple page for the firmware update. If people are able to test this and get back to me with their experiances, I’ll update this page accordingly.

Update: It seems there are mixed results – which seems to indicate a partial improvement, however I personally haven’t noticed any improvements. Princo 4x DVD-R discs still come up as 2x discs, and another unknown brand still came up as 2x. Please keep your experiances coming. If you can include media type, that would be great!

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    • Tyr on June 2, 2006 at 1:30 am
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    Tried the update after it appeared in Software Update. No change, DVDs still show up as 2x only. Tested with brand-name media : Philips DVD+R 16x and EMTEC DVD+R 4x.

    Media that still burns at 4x as before : TDK DVD+R 8x. (though other batches of same product burn at 2x)

    If somebody could test with some DVD-R’s that would be nice.

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