Update on the Apple SuperDrive stuff

I’m still putting together all the info to send off to Consumer Affairs. There’s currently around 200-250 pages (give or take :)) and I’m adding in a heap of diagnostics to prove that it’s the actual drive – not the media as Apple have been quick to blame. This includes cross referencing all the data between various burners on PC and the SuperDrives on the Mac Mini and Powerbook G4. It’s taking a while, but hopefully, it should all be an open and shut case after it’s all done! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, look here.


  1. Small world: we’re linked via yaboo.

    I’ve already signed the petition, but if you’d like more data points, I’ve got a 15″ PowerBook and stacks of dead DVDs here. (I’m in Melbn too, contrary to the .ca in the domain name).

  2. Can people who signed petition do something to help to follow this case, or at least
    be informed, where it goes. I’m putting link to the petittion page on my website and making
    a logo ” Dont Trust Apple !!!’

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