Jan 072006

If you haven’t been following the SuperDrive Petition then you might have missed that Apple have taken in my 12″ Powerbook for testing. Apple Sydney sent 2 DVD discs down to my AppleStore that I’ve been dealing with on this to test if the drive is indeed faulty. I thought I’d expand this test and also provided 4 blank DVDs to test. The results are very interesting:

  • Ritek 8x DVD-R. Available Speeds: 1x, 2x. 26 mins to burn 4Gb.
  • Princo 4x DVD-R. Available Speeds: 1x, 2x. 29 mins to burn 4Gb
  • Yoshi 8x DVD+R. Available Speeds: 2x. 25 mins to burn 4Gb
  • Datacell 4x DVD-R. Available Speeds: 1x, 2x. 29 mins to burn 4Gb
  • Apple 8x DVD-R. Available Speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x. 12 mins to burn 4Gb
  • TDK 16x DVD-R. Available SPeeds: 1x, 2x. 29 mins to burn 4Gb

In summary, only ONE of the discs worked as expected (Apple supplied the last two). These results have been sent to Apple, and I’m awaiting their reply with great interest.

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  1. Where do I check for available speeds on my blank media in Mac OS X? I used to remember this but I’ve forgotten where.

  2. I do this in Toast. If you put a disc in, launch Toast, then you can press Cmd + I (that’s an i, not L) to bring up what your recorder can burn to the current disc at. You can also do this in Finder by telling it to burn to a DVD, then before letting it go, check to see what speed options exist.

  3. […] Yesterday I got a call from Janine Beach (Executive Relations, Apple Asia/Pac) to state that Apple regards that the problem with the SuperDrives (as reported here, here, and here) is a correctly functioning SuperDrive. Apple’s official line is that there is no problem burning on 8x Apple media so the drive is fine – even if it fails to recognise any other brand or speed of media. This means you can ONLY use Apple media in the drive – as even 16x TDK discs do not work correctly. There was no notification of the fact that Apple SuperDrives would only burn as advertised on Apple media – and when I stressed this point, I was told by Janine that the drive works as it should, and Apple would not be doing anything about it. After telling Janine that this was unacceptable, I was basically stonewalled. […]

  4. hmm…ok this is interesting.

    What OS are you running and mac?

    What was the computer’s burning speed advertised as when purchased?

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