DAPS/SID/STAR chart for Australia

I've been getting into Xplane and VATSIM pretty heavily lately - and I've been working of the real procedures from Airservices Australia. These are great, however there are a lot of waypoints missing from Xplanes database. Airservices also have 1606 PDF files (one page per file) of all the DAPS information for Australia. After talking this through with Airservices, I have been given permission to alter these and redistribute to people using VATSIM. What I have been working on is to gather all DAPS related to one airport, then combine them into a single PDF file. This takes the number of PDFs for the average sim pilot to hunt through from 1606 to around 370 - and you only need one for the airports you use. More news on this to come as I complete this work (already taken the best part of 3 days!). I have also submitted the missing procedure waypoints to Austin to see if he can add them into an update to Xplane.


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