Faulty Apple Superdrives.

As much as I like my new Apple gear, I have to say that Apple SuperDrives suck. I mean really suck. SuperDrives have to be the black hole of DVD writer suckyness. When I bought my gear, I decided to put DVD writers in both the 12" PowerBook, and the Mac Mini. Stupid me - and here's why.

When you put a DVD into these units, you will be very lucky if you happen to pick a brand of media that these units actually like. Chances are, if you don't say a prayer to your prefered diety first, your media will only be recognised as 2x media. It doesn't matter what the label on your media says - the SuperDrive will only treat it as 2x media. Different brand of media you say? What about 5 different brands? Heh. Still the same issue. Throw these discs in any other writer on the face of the planet, and they'll burn perfectly!

After months of trying to get Apple to actually do something about this firmware issue, as well as contacting the drive manufacturers (who said it's all Apples fault for using defective firmware!), nothing has happened. So now I've started a petition to get these drives to be a little less suckier. If you are also affected by this issue, please sign the petition at http://superdrive.crc.id.au


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