Grandstream phones, APD-80 and 85638-01 cables

A number of months ago, I deployed a new SIP network using Grandstream GXP-1782 phones. For some of the folks that are always on the phone, we got a couple of Plantronics DECT headsets - which are specificially listed on the compatible headset list published by Grandstream.

The headset plugged into a APD-80 adapter cable. The Plantronics documentation states that a "85638-01 adapter" cable is required - although this is listed as an adapter to extend the APD-80 cable. When you look at the length of the APD-80 cable, this seems nuts - however the 85638-01 cable holds a secret.

Without the special 85638-01 cable, pickup and hangup of the phone was very unreliable. Lots of sites have this documented as a straight through cable - but it is not. The pins on this are actually reversed - ie:

End One End Two
1 4
2 3
3 2
4 1

See example photo:


Using this cable, you should find that the hangup and pickup functions work correctly without spending $15 per cable.

Credits to Michael Schneider for discovering this


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