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From initial public release on the 7th of Feburary, Device Update has taken off and expanded from supporting 1 device, to 14 devices! Since release, the system has served up over 18,000 applications to over 3,600 users worldwide!

With improvements continuing to be made, the future certainly looks set for Device Update! 🙂

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  1. MDA Compact IV is not supported? It the same as HTC Diamond?


    • It looks like I missed a number of hardware IDs for different devices. I’ve added more, and will continue to add more in the next few hours to increase the compatibility. Please try again and let me know if you still see the same issues.

  2. Device Update is great! It would be even better if you could specify the installation destination for applications (Storage Card or internal memory).

  3. Hi David,

    You can already do this. After loading Device Update, go to Menu -> Options -> Use Shell Installer.

    You will now be prompted where each CAB file should be installed. Sadly though, we cannot automate installing to the Storage Card – so each application needs to be installed manually if you want the option to install to the storage card.

  4. Hello,
    I really want to install Device Update on my HTC P3350 (HTC Love), but it looks like this is inpossible for the moment.
    My Device information shows Model No.: ARTE300, but i`m unable to download programs with Device Update because it says that model is not supported. Is it possible to add this device to the supported models?

  5. Hi!
    Your Software is a masterpiece! But there is one slight problem….. I cant use it with my Touch Dual aka Niki :-(. Is it possible to add this unit to your list of supported HTC PPCs? It would be great if I could use your programm.


  6. glad to hear it. we will do own ‘windows marketplace’ whith blacjack`s and other things

  7. I FUCKIN LOVE DEVICE UPDATE! My kaiser and I thank you for this godly program. The whole concept and implementation of it- PURE GENIUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    iPaq 210/211/214 series… adaptable? Would a DONATION help make this device supported? HMM???? Thanks again.

    NOXEM Computers

  8. Donations always help new requested features being added 🙂 The backend of DeviceUpdate is built to be expandable without causing issues, that being said, if you include the specs of your device (mainly screen size etc) I can see what I can do about adding support for more devices. If I need more information afterwards, I’ll drop you an email.

  9. More info on the iPaq in question available here- Look for a donation soon! 😉


  10. Lets say that I have used Device Update to install G-Alarm and a week later there is a new version available on the list.

    How can I configure DU to tell me that there is a newer version available?

    Can I configure DU to hide the programs that I have already installed and there is no update version available?


  11. Hi Inho,

    When a new version of an application you have installed is available it will appear in a category at the top of the list called “Available Updates”.

    When you do install an application from DeviceUpdate, it will not appear again in the list unless there is an update available.

    For these reasons, it is better to use the auto-install function over SDconfig for things you install from DeviceUpdate after flashing a new ROM or hard resetting.

  12. In my case is not working like that. Some apps that I install, like g-alarm, pockerRAR, w0lf’s translator and manila 2d customizer, keeps showing on the list in the normal place and as the same version that I installed.

    Also I try to install throttleLock 0.4 and check if DU recomend me a update, but nothing happened and throttleLock 0.5.1 kept showing on the applications list, not on a ‘Available Updates” category.

    Im using a TyTn II with PDACornerUltimate.V19.2G ROM.

    Any idea why this is happening?


  13. I’m having the same problem as Inho. BTW- Any update on the iPaq compatibility? THANX


  14. Still not working on my HTC P3350 🙁 Please Steven do something, please!

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