I'm out of hospital!

Yay. After finally getting in and having my hernia operation, I'm back out and recovering. I have to say that with all the bad things you hear about the public hospital system etc in the media, I couldn't have been happier with the way I was treated and the quality of treatment I received while at the Northern Hospital.

Niel was my anaesthesiologist - and he was great. He was upfront with everything - which helped out my nerves a lot as this is the first time I'd ever been in hospital for an operation. The nurses were great, everyone was friendly and it was all done before I could really get scared.

There was a few interesting things... The gas that they give you in the operating room to knock you out seems to have a sweet smell - and I remember being very nervous thinking that the gas isn't working - and that's the last I remember before waking up. The second funny thing was that I had to be given 29mg of morphine in the post-op area to get rid of the pain. Apparently that's a lot for anyone to be given - and the nurses were really shocked that I didn't throw up or feel nausea afterwards.

All in all, I'm feeling much better and progressing well on the road to recovery. Thanks to all that sent me emails wishing me well etc - it all helps :)


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