General update.

It's been a busy month. I've finished up with my old employer after my contract ending, started with a new employer and been working flat out. In the past month, we've redone a new Xen virtualisation host machine and implemented a new nagios based monitoring system on a DomU guest install of Debian.

On a personal front, I've got myself a spiffy new Linksys SRW2024. It's not a bad 24 port GigE switch. The web interface is a little cludgy, and very hard to use if you don't use Internet Explorer, and the console interface is pretty much useless. That being said, after it's been setup, it's not too bad a switch. For it's price, it's pretty good considering it supports 802.1q trunking. I'd love to see Linksys spend some more time on the interface and make the console interface useful (vlan config etc).


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