MSN v8 Messenger (WLM) Invites

So I keep getting more and more of these invites, and less and less people to give them to. Email me if you want one! Want to know more about Windows Live Messenger? Check out the WLM site.

I personally think v8 is a good step forwards from v7.5 – which is the current publicly available verison of MSN Messenger. I do believe however that it is a bit cluttered with ads. This being said, there is a patch that will work that removes ads. It’s available locally or from the original site.


    • Liang on March 18, 2006 at 10:11 pm
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    Hey, i wouldnt mind testing this out.

  1. Sent.

  2. I originally stumbled across your partition, which incidentally led to your journal. Admittedly I hadn’t heard of this before coming here but given you’re open to invites I’d be happy to receive one. I am exclusive to Mac at home but we work with PC workstations at my work. Either way, hopefully everything works out concerning the Apple dispute.

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