Vandals beware, bug spray keeps you away!

This one comes from the weird department. I was just leaving for work the other day when I notice that some punk had spray painted crud on both mine and my next door neighbours garage doors. I won't post any pictures of it, but it's not the kind of look that I want for my house! Anyway, we were looking up things that remove spray paint - and the proper stuff is damn expensive - when someone suggested using fly spray. Now I was interested by this - but as it turns out, fly spray removes spray paint. Now the tools for this job are quite specific, as using the wrong type of cloth will just spread the paint around. We found that a 'Chux' type cloth (the ones that are thin with lots of holes) work very well - whereas the normal cloths just spread stuff around. The Chux cloths also rinse clean in warm water - so you can actually remove the paint. This just has to be filed in the 'who-would-have-thought' file.


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