Jan 312006

I was putting my shopping away today, and I just had to laugh at the contents of my fridge afterwards. From looking at the contents, it’s just typical that I’m single. To the left is a quick photo of the contents. I don’t know if I should be proud of it or not 🙂

This makes me wonder… what’s in the fridges of other single guys out there? I’m sure some people have worse things in their fridge.

See, the guys who have chicks – they usually have some things of nutritional value in the fridge – but for the single guys who live of burgers, steak and pizza – then there’s not much else to put in a fridge apart from what you see here.

Oh – and we all know that the beer goes at the bottom of the fridge – because that’s where the coldest air is. Coke and cheese just don’t deserve that. And the lettice got thrown out shortly after this picture.

  3 Responses to “The single guys fridge.”

  1. Heres mine back in the single days.. looks much different now the wifey2be has some influence 🙂

  2. In a typical single chicks fridge you will find lite beer (no more than a 6 pack) you will find Diet Coke, None expired Milk, Juice, Cheese, Sandwich meat, fruit, & yogurt and something Chocolate. 😉

  3. Ah very nice mate, certainly gave me a laugh

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