Sep 072005

I’m now in the waiting time to get all of the replacement hardware that I’ve returned under warranty in the past few weeks. I’ve had to send back 2 x 160Gb Maxtor SATA drives, 1 x Digium TDM400P VoIP FXO and 1 x BenQ 20.1″ LCD screen. The fun continues. The hard drives started pulling read errors and on a full format came up with bad sectors – very bad for data – even though they were less than 18 months old! The FXO card developed a fault where it wouldn’t pass audio, and the LCD screen developed a couple of bright pixels.

This means I’m currently stuck using my trusty 12″ PowerBook G4 (even with the dodgy Superdrive!) until I get my screen back. When will it end 🙂

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