Jul 172005

Haven’t posted for a few days, so I thought I’d give a quick update.

I’m working on converting some Simoco PRM8038 units into single mode units – with very little success. My WiFi router got ‘hacked’ and it’s firmware erased – this will probably help me to remember to actually change the login details from defaults some day. The X-band cable for the car is working awesome. I spent all of today looking around at suits for Tysons wedding – and yes, I do realise that for me to wear a suit is – well, abnormal. Oh, and I got a new tripod so I can start going and taking more time lapse photos etc.

That’s been my few days.

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  1. Hi, I have some prm8030t trunking units I want to convert. The brand is simoco and is 4 digit remote head. I read somewhere you might have to replace the remote head on them. Is that true? any help would be greatly appreated. email me at cexman@gmail.com.

  2. If it’s a 4 digit remote head, you should be able to change the EPROM in the radio unit to a single mode firmware, and convert the FSK to Selcall – depending on your revision of radio. You then need to pick the normal single mode (PMR) hardware code to suit your radio, then program as required.

  3. So how do you change the firmware in the radio? Do I have to remove the chip and program it or can it be done with the programming cable?

    BTW the radio is not dual mode, it is only trunking.

  4. You need to pull out the 27C010 EPROM and replace it with a 27C512 EPROM. You will also need to put the latest PMR (or single mode) firmware on it. From memory, this is verison 3.95.

    All can be taken care of and obtained from the PRM80-Series yahoo group.

  5. I suppose I need a programmer then. I saw a cheap one at jaycar, $45

    Any recommendations


  6. I use a Stag P301 from the UK. It’s a lot fancier than what you need! As long as you can write to 27C512 EPROMs, then it’ll be fine. Don’t forget that you’ll need to use UV light to erase the EPROM first!

  7. Neither of them will work. You want an EPROM programmer, not a PIC programmer.

  8. Know anybody who wants to buy a brand new PMR80R S TU PRM8038 combination remote trunking radio complete with instal kit and operators manual, as new. Priced to clear, offers wanted. Includes radio, interface cable, interface box, remote head, microphone, install brackets x 2 and hardware, operators manual also we have an SRP8031 TK handheld radio complete with battery, antenna and dual charger, as new. Both units were shop display samples.

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