Turnbull handballs encryption problem to tech companies

In a speech in London overnight, Turnbull said companies should not be able to build end-to-end encryption tools that meant nobody – including courts and law enforcement – could access the content of communications.

If you’re in the tech industry, and you know your local Liberal party member, point them to this and tell them to go fuck themselves. Regards, The Internet.

If you don’t know who your local member is, search here:

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  1. I’m personally on the right of the political spectrum, but this approach by the government is clearly ridiculous to anyone who gives it 5 seconds of serious thought.

    The idea that we have to give the government AND BY EXTENSION THE EQUIPMENT VENDORS the power to spy on everyone’s encrypted traffic…

    What’s next?? Compulsory microphones in your car, lounge room and kitchen because terrorists and criminals sometimes plot nefarious activities in their cars, lounge rooms and kitchens? I mean come on. If you’ve got nothing to hide then why would you object to microphones all over your house??

    Also, don’t think that Labor won’t do the same thing in government….


    Great blog….

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