Q&A causes people to lose their minds

I've been a long time viewer of Q&A. It really is a unique show which puts public figures in the hot seat to face the general public. Depending on your beliefs, this can be good or bad - and every vary during the course of a single episode - however nobody can deny that this weeks Q&A failed to get tongues - and keyboards - wagging.

Things got really interesting when Zaky Mallah appeared. The topic had just turned to the proposal by the Liberal Party to remove due process and have a minister make executive decisions about the status of peoples citizenship. I won't try to intrepret the discussion - its best viewed by yourself:

Now for a bit of background. Zaky was charged under new counter-terrorism laws - but acquitted in 2005 by a jury. Between being charged and being acquitted, he served 2 years in a maximum security prison. I'm not sure about you, but I'd be pretty pissed off at serving 2 years in a maximum security prison to only be acquitted and released.

Secondly, Zaky was born in Australia. The ministers both talk about 'removing him from the country' - however where exactly do they propose to remove him to? Has he committed a crime in another country that can have him deported? This commentary from two political leaders that are willing to state such a strong conviction on national television, yet have no idea on what the full story is.

With that in mind, we get to the really scary part - analysing the reactions from the politicians. Especially one - Grahame Morris actually appeared on national TV and stated that people "kick her to death" - referring to Australia's first female Prime Minister - Julia Gillard.

I won't get into the whole detail, nor will I get bogged down in that part any further - but I want to get one message across. Are you comfortable to have people like Grahame Morris have complete control over revoking citizenship of Australians? I know this thought scares the hell out of me.


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