Challenges for road safety

I've been getting involved with the whole concept of Road Safety as of late - as I've noticed that more and more drivers have been completely ignoring the road rules with complete disregard of other road users. In a 20 minute drive, I saw:

1) A car split through the bus lane on Mickleham Rd to avoid waiting with other traffic at the roundabout on Mickleham and Broadmeadows Rds

2) A car turn right from the middle lane of Mickleham Rd into Greenvale Drive through a red turning arrow - cutting off oncoming traffic

3) A male driver in a 4WD drive over all curbs into a parking space at the old Woolworths at Craigieburn Shopping Centre so that he didn't have to wait for the other three cars in front of him to park - and in the process cut of a car reversing into the same spot.

Sadly, there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour on our roads. It isn't an accident. It isn't bad planning. Its pure arrogance to ignore the road rules that are designed to keep everyone safe. As a community - I'm not sure we should tolerate this behaviour from individuals.

An example of this senseless loss of life was recently covered in the news: 7 Digital - 31 May - 18.03.20

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.03.25

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.03.37

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.03.46

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.04.13

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.05.39

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.05.50

7 Digital - 31 May - 18.05.55


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