NBN Co has been sabotaged

The more I dig into the proceedings of the Senate Committee focusing on the NBN, I am more and more convinced that the Liberal Party has intentionally sabotaged NBN Co to fail.

When the Abbott lead Liberal Party won the election in September 2013, Malcolm Turnbull gutted the board of NBN Co and (with sadly little review) installed a heap of his mates to run the company. Since then - looking at the many hours of Senate hearings, very little has been achieved. There is no financial plan for beyond 6 months from now. There is no rollout estimate.

I could say many words on this - and it could easily be seen as bias. The best way is to highlight via actual footage from the Senate Committee overseeing NBN Co.

This is the first NBN Co board answering questions to the Senate Committee - starting with the Chief Financial Officer:

In contrast, this is the current NBN Co CFO doing his best to not answer anything:

The problems don't stop here. In the first video, you notice the rest of the board of NBN Co willingly answering questions with as much detail as possible. In recent times, the board of NBN Co have been trying their best to avoid any solid answers to any questions put to them.

Again - I don't wish to imply and of my own bias here - I suggest that anyone interested watch the actual videos of proceedings directly from the Parliament of Australia web site. If you do end up watching the whole proceedings from the 2nd December, notice how Bill Morrow (the CEO) gives some not-so-subtle hints to the HFC Expert hired by NBN Co to stop answering questions in detail.

Below is a list of a few recent sittings: 2nd December 2014 - National Broadband Network - Part 1 (NBN Co Board) 2nd December 2014 - National Broadband Network - Part 2 (NBN Co Board) 4th December 2014 - National Broadband Network (Stephen Rue)


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