Jul 122014

I’ve been looking at the latest release of RedHat Enterprise 7 and its ‘clone’ CentOS 7 recently.

Sum it up in a single word? DAFUQ? (is that technically one word?).

If you currently run EL6, for $diety’s sake, stay on it. There are so many problems at the moment that you are much better to stay well clear until the dust settles.

List of current issues:

  1. rsyslog – no longer works. Everything is now in a ‘journal’
  2. logwatch – no longer works. Does not support journal logs
  3. gnome3 – If you use a desktop, you’re pretty much forced to use Gnome 3
  4. systemd – requires all kinds of hacks and workarounds to get anything more than basic functionality
  5. systemd – Service files missing from a lot of tasks (eg: BZ 1060347)
  6. up to 50% speed reduction in virtual machines – BZ1104748
  7. No thunderbird packages available as yet.
  8. No Xen Dom0 support in EL7 – despite the upstream kernel version supporting it
  9. Wholesale shipping of packages out to EPEL to avoid support requirements

This is just scratching the surface at the moment… There are *many* more gotchas just waiting to bite.

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