Web Central - You used to be cool.

Back in the day when I used to work for Connect (which then became AAPT), we used to supply WebCentral with their connectivity out of Brisbane. Back then, WebCentral was the be all and end all of web hosting providers. They used to host Whirlpool and the service was second to none.

Fast forward several years and what the hell happened?

I've been trying to deal with WebCentral for a client over the last few months and to say the service is terrible is an understatement. I've had jobs lodged in their ticketing system for missing DNS records (MX records? Meh! Who needs em!) for well over a week with no reply. Calling the support line gets a "I'll lodge a job for you to look into that" - which I may as well done myself. Oh, and the fatal flaw with their support line - all calls going in get terminated after 1 hour. So if you're on hold for 40+ minutes (which I have been several times), then you have 20 minutes or less to get your issue resolved or the phone system will hang up on you. That means go to the back of the queue and start again.

For anyone out there that still remembers WebCentral from the glory days - beware - they certainly aren't the same company anymore!


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