Mar 172013

I’ve finally managed to get some time to try building libvirt 1.0.3 for people to test.

Packages are available from

Please direct all feedback to the kernel-xen mailing list.

EDIT: Feedback is good for these packages.. Pushed to the main repo…

  5 Responses to “libvirt-1.0.3 for RHEL6, CentOS 6 available for testing.”

  1. Hey,

    Thanks so much for releasing this!

    How would I go about downloading the 1.0.3 package and its dependencies from your repo via yum? Is there a .repo file I can use to achieve this?

    Thanks again!

    • At the moment – until I get feedback that it all actually works (at the moment it is completely untested!), I won’t be adding it to the main repo.

      Once its been tested and any bugs resolved, I’ll make it available in the kernel-xen repo.

  2. This might be a noob question then, but how do I go about dl’ing the files to test them anyway?


  3. Hey! thanks for that, just installed it (with dependencies) and seems to work well

  4. Thanks so much for this! seems to work really well!

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