Feb 202012

Another round of updates just pushed out. Some of the mirrors are still syncing so you may have to be a little patient.

NOTE: You will need to upgrade to kernel-xen-release 6-3 or above to get these updates.

Kernel changes:
* Mon Feb 20 2012 Steven Haigh
- kernel-xen-
- Linux
USB: ftdi_sio: fix initial baud rate
USB: cp210x: do not map baud rates to B0
USB: serial: CP210x: Added USB-ID for the Link Instruments MSO-19
hwmon: (sht15) fix bad error code
hwmon: (f71805f) Fix clamping of temperature limits
USB: usbsevseg: fix max length
usb: io_ti: Make edge_remove_sysfs_attrs the port_remove method.
USB: cdc-wdm: updating desc->length must be protected by spin_lock
USB: ftdi_sio: Add more identifiers
USB: serial: ftdi additional IDs
USB: ftdi_sio: add PID for TI XDS100v2 / BeagleBone A3
USB: ftdi_sio: fix TIOCSSERIAL baud_base handling
dm: do not forward ioctls from logical volumes to the underlying device
block: fail SCSI passthrough ioctls on partition devices
Revert "ARM: 7220/1: mmc: mmci: Fixup error handling for dma"
crypto: sha512 - reduce stack usage to safe number
crypto: sha512 - make it work, undo percpu message schedule
drm: Fix authentication kernel crash
eCryptfs: Make truncate path killable
ecryptfs: Improve metadata read failure logging
eCryptfs: Sanitize write counts of /dev/ecryptfs

Xen changes:
* Thu Feb 02 2012 Michael Young - 4.1.2-6
- Fix buffer overflow in e1000 emulation for HVM guests [CVE-2012-0029]
* Sat Jan 28 2012 Michael Young
- 4.1.2-5
- Start building xen's ocaml libraries if appropriate unless --without ocaml
was specified
- add some backported patches from xen unstable (via Debian) for some
ocaml tidying and fixes

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